Never forget an appointment again!

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FOR: birthdays, appointments, meetings, events, alerts,
courtesy calls, invitations, anniversaries, special occasions etc
We are leading increasingly hectic lifestyles and at any point in time, we have deadlines to meet, appointments to make and dates to keep.

No matter how organised you are, there is a good chance that, now and again, you would forget an important appointment, anniversary, date, or - in some extreme circumstances - your own wedding. That is why we have decided to introduce this new, free service to help you to remember these important dates and events.

arrow How To Use:
Our free service is very easy to use. Simply follow the steps below:

(1) Register FREE for the service (we will send a notification to your e-mail address, as part of the registration process. This is important in order to prevent users sending spam reminders to someone else's email address)

(2) Log in to the service

(3) Select reminder type (eg Personal Reminder). If the reminder type is not listed, then enter your own custom name.

(4) Fill in the relevant fields and press 'submit'

(5) That's it. You should never miss that appointment again.

We will send reminders to your listed e-mail. If you would like reminders to be sent to your mobile phone you will have to pay a small fee. We are sure it would be an investment well spent if it stops you from forgetting that important interview or wedding.