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All reminders we send to your email addresses are free. However e-mail reminders are sometimes not enough. For the e-mail reminder to be effective, you must have access to the Internet at all times. That is not possible. On the other hand, we usually have access to our mobile phones regardless of where in the world we may be. As a result, reminders sent to your mobile phones can be a little more reliable than those sent to your inbox.

It is a good idea to combine your e-mail reminders with mobile-phone reminders - especially when the reminder in question is critical.

We gave you some free sms credits when you registered. However, we are unable to offer unlimited free credits. It would cost us too much money to offer this to our thousands of users. But we promise to keep the cost of the credits as low as possible.

At the moment, users can purchase a minimum of 20 mobile phone reminders for $2.00 (2 US Dollars). This means our sms messages costs a maximum of 10 cents ($0.10). You may convert these figures to your local currency in the shopping cart.

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